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Covid Secure Workplace: Guide For Contact Centres, Offices & Retail

Life is not normal at present; the workplace is somewhere that we might not have been for many months.

Lockdown has presented businesses with lots of challenges and getting back to normal will also through up some tasks that perhaps you hadn’t had to consider previously. Issues around workplace layout, who attends work, how they work, how you keep the workplace safe and what about the use of PPE?

All of these are valid questions and real concerns…not just for owners, directors and managers but all the workforce. One of the biggest challenges that workplaces face is confidence – confidence in the safety of the measures in place, confidence of staff to be in work and perhaps confidence in your clients and customers to deal with your company.

This simple guide is an overview of what is required. It’s all based on UK government guidance, along with our years of experience and expertise in helping businesses manage and work safely.


If you require assistance in getting all of this together – as there is more to it than just this guide, then please contact us for an informal discussion. Press the “Contact Us” button at the top of this page and leave your details for a call back. Or call Neil Maidman today on 08444 933 062