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Four most common issues that arise from fire risk assessments – and how they can be solved

Fires are the cause of many tragedies every year in the UK, however, most are preventable simply by adopting the right behaviours and correct procedures.

We quite often find upon entering a premises that there are a number of areas of fault that are easily spotted – and all can be fixed. So, we thought we would highlight four of the most common issues that arise from fire safety risk assessments so that you can keep an eye out for them yourself.

Lack of fire detection for certain buildings

We see this a lot but this is perhaps the most important thing not to overlook. Make sure all smoke alarms are tested regularly and working correctly.

No protected corridors

Another error that is commonly overlooked. Where buildings or escape routes are joined, these should always be areas constructed of fire resistant materials.

Insufficient emergency lighting

An extremely common issue, yet such an obvious one. If a fire destroys electricity cables, you need bright lighting that is powered by an alternative source.

Poor signage and instructions for residents

Again, very simple – all it takes is clear, bright signage as well as visible instructions as to how to leave the building safely in the event of an emergency.

A Fire Risk Assessments can help identify any of these areas of improvement and address them with the freeholder, landlord or managing agent. Not only can these be a very useful guide, they are also a legal requirement for all owners and leaseholders of flats or Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, but you needn’t be bamboozled by complicated paperwork.

At Health and Safety Mentor, our professional fire risk assessors will undertake a full assessment of the premises and carry out a full report. They will then recommend improvements in order of priority and offer practical guidance as to how any improvements can be made as well as provide site-specific emergency action procedures.

We are currently offering Health and Safety Fire Risk Assessments in London and Cardiff from £250 +VAT.

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