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Health and Safety in Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels

Health and Safety in Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels

Although Health and Safety in Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels, could be perceived to be generally low risk compared to other industries such as health and safety matters in construction and engineering, in 2006/07 the hospitality industry had a total of 558 major injuries caused by slips and trips.

The occupations most affected were kitchen assistants, chefs, and waiting staff. By simply wearing appropriate footwear, cleaning up spills when they occur, and maintaining good housekeeping arrangements allot of these injuries could have been avoided.

Occupational Dermatitis

Our health and safety consultants regularly advise clients to:

  • Avoid contact with cleaning products altogether by using a dishwasher rather than washing up by hand, and;
  • Use utensils rather than hands to handle food products.
  • Where you can, wear gloves when working with substances that can cause dermatitis and moisturise your hands to replenish the skin’s natural oils when you’ve finished.
  • Check your hands regularly for itchy or dry skin.

Manual Handling

Our health and safety consultants regularly advise clients to:

  • Break packages down into smaller more manageable sizes.
  • Only carry what you can reasonably manage.
  • Store heavy pots and kitchen equipment in areas where they can be suitably accessed without the need for overreaching or having to bend.
  • Ensure outlet hoses are of an adequate length to avoid having to move beer kegs manually when they need changing.

Other health and safety considerations in Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels

  • Have you got a documented fire risk assessment and fire emergency plan?
  • Are your electrical appliances and installation maintained periodically?
  • Have all staff been suitably trained in their duties, particularly if they use deep fat fryers?


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