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Network Cabling

Need a multi-site network? Or a multi-network site?

We know your business depends upon having a reliable connection 24/7 and our expert technicians can design and install modern, efficient networks that work around you and your business.

Our Work

We help businesses operating commercial premises in single and multiple sites, as well as those that service multiple tenants, like larger office blocks or industrial warehouses. We have also worked with retailers to extend networks to factory sites and connect local shops to an office HQ in another part of the country.

Ammcom recently helped rollout network cabling to 25 supermarket stores over just 10 days, to offer new click and collect services to customers. We also installed a wireless outlet point, to ensure staff in the building were able to fulfil orders and update paperwork more easily.

What we use

Our preferred cabling choices are the standard Cat 5E and Cat 6, as well as the Cat 7 where higher levels of data transfer is required. We also offer optical fibre for speedier transfers, download and upload of larger files as well as a more secure transmission.

For businesses wanting a mix of cabling and WiFi services, our specialist team of network designers can help. We also make sure any open or public WiFi resources are kept away from any closed networks to keep them secure.


What’s more, whilst we love working directly with our customers, we are also happy to pair up and become a preferred partner, as well as act as a subcontractor to any IT companies.

Ammcom has years of experience in providing a full range of subcontract installations – so we can operate under your company name, whilst on-site with your client, and white label our services so that we can act as a member of your staff. If you choose to subcontract us, we use plain uniforms and plain vans so that we can service your client directly, providing everything from regional to large national firms.

Our team of specialist data engineers offer design, supply and installation services from 1-1000 outlets, offices, retailers, manufacturing premises and more.

Arrange A Callback

If talking through your cabling, IT or electrical needs seems like a good idea, then drop us a line today.

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